ELLEN SUE STERN is the author of twenty books, translated into 14 languages. She has spent the past twenty-years using her personal experience as a catalyst to empower others through writing and speaking. Her unique ability to blend anecdotal material, emotional support, warmth and humor with concrete tools continues to transform lives for the better.

Thousands of people have attended her keynotes and seminars on relationships, work/life balance, marriage, divorce, midlife, pregnancy, parenting, bereavement, and coping with the ups and downs of every day life. Her newest project is tackling chronic pain, through her upcoming book, ON A SCALE OF 1-10: When Chronic Pain Hijacks Your Life, for which she also offers seminars and support groups.

Stern has made guest appearances  on Oprah, Montel Williams, LifeTimeTV, and other national and international media. Her writing has appeared in CNN.com, Sports Illustrated, WebMD, Parenting.com, Mpls StarTribune,  Washington Post and on numbers websites.

 Minneapolis is home. Heaven is anywhere sunny. She loves words, sleeps late, and continues to believe that nothing is too good to be true.

“Based on her widely respected book, The Indispensable Woman, Ellen Sue Stern has taken the observations and recovery program which made that book so valuable and developed them into a daily meditational for women “running on empty”–who give to everyone but themselves.”_Melody Beattie

“Ellen Sue Stern offers women a spiritual guide for accepting their partner while including practical strategies for getting what they need in order to feel loved, honored, and respected.“_John Gray, Ph.D, bestselling author of Men Are From Venus, Women Are From Mars

Ellen Sue Stern masterfully combines inspirational quotes and affirmations with the all too familiar reality of living with MS. Words of Inspiration for People With MS brought me empowerment, joy and the ability to view MS as a blessing in my life.”_Kristie-Salerno Kent, NMSS (National MS Society) Celebrity Ambassador and author of DREAMS: My Journey With MS




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